Brodin (Sueli)


Sueli Brodin, a French, Brazilian and Dutch national, has been working as an editor and communications officer at UNU-MERIT since April 2013.

She holds a Bachelor's of Arts in English Language and Literature. She is fluent in French, English, Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese and has a basic knowledge of Japanese and Hebrew.

After living in Brazil, Pakistan, Japan, France, the US and Israel, Sueli settled down in Maastricht, the Netherlands, in 1994. From 1997-2011, she worked at the European Journalism Centre in Maastricht, where she served as the editor of Crossroads, the first English-language magazine for the international community in Maastricht.

An advocate of evidence-based, community-engaged research, she is interested in facilitating connections between researchers with the media, policymakers and the wider public. She has been involved in the Maastricht Platform for Community-Engaged Research from its early days.