Brodin, Sueli


Sueli Brodin, a French, Brazilian and Dutch national, started working as an editor and a communications officer at UNU-MERIT in April 2013. She holds a Bachelor's of Arts in English Language and Literature and is fluent in French, English, Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese. She also has basic knowledge of Japanese and Hebrew. After living in Brazil, Pakistan, Japan, France, the US and Israel, Sueli settled down in Maastricht, the Netherlands, in 1994. From 1997-2011, she worked at the European Journalism Centre in Maastricht, where she served for 10 years as the editor of Crossroads, the first English-language magazine for the international community in Maastricht. Sueli Brodin is interested in all aspects of communications, especially in the areas of education and sustainable development. As a strong advocate of evidence-based, action-research approaches for policy design, she works to disseminate the findings of academics to students, societal decision makers and the wider public. She has been involved in the Maastricht Platform for Community-Engaged Research from its origins.