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Survey: YUFE(RING) appreciates your input!

What do you need as a researcher to successfully practice community-engaged research?

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Lessons learned: What can you do to make your research more inclusive?

In every phase and aspect of a research trajectory, there are small and bigger steps that researchers can take to conduct research in a more inclusive way for the benefit of larger parts of society.

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Wanted: new project leader MPCER!

Job advertisement for new MPCER project leader

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Lessons learned: Doing (community-engaged) research in Brussels? Consider UM Campus Brussels as your partner

UM Campus Brussels offers a variety of facilities and services to researchers interested in carrying out education and research activities and engagi...

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December 07, 2021

Can academics be activists? - An open discussion

A livestreamed discussion about the tension between activism and academic research.

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MPCER aims to function as a multidisciplinary platform for researchers at Maastricht University who are involved or interested in doing community-engaged research. More specifically, community-engaged research entails:

  • the desire to have an impact by doing research to solve societal challenges
  • an active involvement of the relevant societal community in the research process
  • the development and dissemination of research results with the relevant society community

Are you conducting or supporting community-engaged research? Or are you a citizen interested in such research projects? Join us, and contact us