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Impactful Research through Intervention Mapping

How can you make sure that your research has (the desired) impact on society? One of the possible answers to this question is to use the Intervention Mapping (IM) protocol. This protocol describes a six-step process, ranging from problem analysis to post-adaptation evaluation, to make sure that your research has a real-life impact.

When: 15 January 2020, 12:30-15:30

Where: Universiteitssingel (UNS) 40, Room 5.772

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Prof. Rob Ruiter and Prof. Kai Jonas (both FPN) will in this workshop give an introduction to the Intervention Mapping (IM) protocol. The protocol describes the iterative path from problem identification to problem solving or mitigation that focusses on the needs of the target population and involves them in the co-creation of interventions. Each of the six steps of IM comprises several tasks each of which integrates theory and evidence. The completion of the tasks in a step creates a product that is the guide for the subsequent step. The completion of all of the steps serves as a blueprint for designing, implementing and evaluating an intervention based on a foundation of theoretical, empirical and practical information.

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