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Webinar: Presenting Yourself Online

When: Wednesday, April 1; 13:00-14:00

Where: Zoom! After signing up, you will receive a link via email.

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For some time now, people have been talking about the importance of virtual and digital teaching. With Coronavirus upon us, this is no longer a luxury – it’s an absolute necessity.

The problem is that some people get uncomfortable talking into a webcam and sharing their message – whether presenting research, engaging with a community, or teaching online. When we talk into that ‘black hole’ it can be difficult to read the expressions of everyone watching us. In some cases, we can’t see or hear the participants at all. And, if we don’t keep it interesting, people will just click off and walk away, and we can’t get them back.

When you give a presentation to a community online, it’s important to bear some basic questions in mind. How engaged is your online audience? And how can you keep them engaged?

This Wednesday, communications expert Steve Schwartz will share his experience, along with an array of tips and tricks for creating an effective web presentation and turning the ‘black hole’ into a lively forum. He will show you how to use your voice, maximize your image, organize your presentation, and much more.

In a follow-up to this introductory webinar, participants can sign up for a workshop to get direct feedback from Steve on their own online presentations.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Steve Schwartz (B.A. Journalism) began his public speaking career when he won an award as one of New York City’s best debaters of high school age. After completing his studies at Indiana University (USA), he worked for CBS News and as a foreign correspondent for National Public Radio in Washington, D.C. Steve has been living in the Netherlands since 1982 and has combined writing and communications training for years. He is also a passionate musician.

‘Everything I do—the writing, the training, the music—is related to communication. As I see it, an idea, thought, concept, or product is worth nothing if you can’t communicate about it properly. It is my privilege to help people communicate as clearly as possible to bring their ideas across to others.'

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