Hopman, Marieke


Dr. Marieke Hopman is an assistant professor at the law faculty of Maastricht University. Her main focus is on children’s rights. She is also the project leader and initiator of the Maastricht Platform for Community-Engaged Research (MPCER). In her research, Marieke continues to experiment with community engagement, which includes engagement of children, parents, teachers, politicians and other stakeholders. In her experience, community engagement ranges from individual donors funding research through crowdfunding, to active participation during the research phase (for example by children who make drawings to share their lived experiences), to finding creative ways to share research results in an accessible way. The latter include documents available to a broad audience, such as vlogs, blogs and popular scientific reports, but also more specialized documents such as universal period review reports for the United Nation’s Human Rights Council.

Marieke can be contacted for any questions about community-engaged research, and also for ideas, initiatives and/or requests in relation to the platform. The platform is here for UM staff and we are open to all possibilities to support UM community-engaged research!