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Wanted: new project leader MPCER!

Job advertisement for new MPCER project leader

Wanted: Project leader Maastricht Platform for Community-Engaged Research (MPCER) (0,15-0,2 fte)

Deadline applications: 14 June
Temporary position: 15 August 2021 – March 2024.
Location: Maastricht

Short description
The Maastricht Platform for Community-Engaged Research is looking for a motivated project leader, who can lead the platform and its working group members in their efforts to support community-engaged research at Maastricht University. A large part of the work includes developing a community-engaged research training program on the European level, as part of the YUFERING (YUFE) project. Other tasks include fundraising, coordinating activities, communication and further development of the platform.

Job description
The Maastricht Platform for Community-Engaged Research (MPCER) was established in April 2019. Its mission is to create a multidisciplinary platform for employees at Maastricht University who do/support, or are interesting in doing/supporting, community-engaged research (CER). We define “community-engaged research” as research that has all of the following three characteristics:

  • Intends to have an impact by deploying research to resolve societal challenges
  • Actively involves the relevant community in the research process
  • Shares the research results with the relevant community

Start-up funding was obtained from the SWOL/University Fund Limburg for 2 years (until April 2021). Over the past two years, the platform has grown from zero in April 2019 to 443 members in April 2021. It organises 8 educational activities per year which are valued very positively by participants: on average they grade activities with a 8,3 for “interesting”, 8,6 for “well organised” and 8,3 for “worth my time”.

Further funding to develop a similar initiative at the European level as part of the YUFERING (the research branch of YUFE: Young Universities for the Future of Europe (https://yufe.eu/)) project was obtained from the European Commission in December 2020. A new strategic plan for 2021-2024 has been developed and we are currently looking to find funding for our other (non-European) plans, which involve a development & education programme for staff and students and establishing a MPCER community of practice.

What will you do?
At the moment, the YUFE part of the work of a project leader is fully funded, and there is budget for MPCER hours until the end of 2021. This means that for 0,15 fte you will contribute to work package 2 of the YUFERING European project. The work package is titled “The YUFE model towards a community engagement-based research & innovation agenda”. Your specific tasks within this work package will be:

  • To lead the team of employees of different universities working on task 2.4: The development of training programmes on community-engaged research & innovation
  • To lead the development of a training programme on community-engaged based research & innovation for researchers and support staff
  • To lead the organisation of 10 ‘best practice’ and ‘test bed’ meetings/workshops for research and support staff
  • To lead the development of a format for a newsletter on YUFE community- engaged research for researchers and support staff and a format for citizens and entrepreneurs and distribute through the YUFE virtual campus
  • To lead the integration of social media updates on community-engagement based research & innovation into the YUFE social media strategy

These tasks have to be completed between March 2021 and March 2024. Upon your start in August 2021, first steps to realising these tasks will have been taken by the former MPCER project leader.

In addition to the European project, you will lead the efforts of the MPCER working group in supporting community-engaged researchers as well as staff and students at UM. A first task will be to obtain funding to further develop the UM-centred efforts of the platform. First steps in this direction (overview of possible funding applications, first contacts with potential funders) have been taken. Until funding for MPCER’s greater plans is obtained, additional tasks for the project leader include (in collaboration with the working group members):

  • Coordinating and planning of a few MPCER activities per year at UM (mostly in collaboration with other UM entities)
  • Coordinating communication activities: a newsletter that is published once every two months, social media updates and updating the website
  • Chairing regular (monthly) meetings

We are looking for a candidate with the following qualifications:

  • Interest in and experience with writing funding applications / acquiring funding (not necessarily academic)
  • Great enthusiasm for community-engaged research
  • Experience with doing and/or supporting community-engaged research is preferred
  • Management/leadership experience is preferred
  • Experience with organising events, ideally within UM, is preferred

Conditions of employment
Candidates from all UM faculties and services are welcome to apply. 0,175 fte will be financially compensated through a transfer from the central UM level to the faculty/service of the new project leader. Further funding depends on the success of funding application efforts.

Please apply by sending a CV and motivation to: mpcer@maastrichtuniversity.nl. Any questions or remarks can also be send to this address. 

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