Wachelder, Jo

Career History

Throughout his career, Jo Wachelder has shown an ongoing interest in community-engaged research. He was engaged in the establishment of UM’s Science Shop in the mid-1980s, and served as a knowledge broker. He co-edited the volume Veranderende Wereld, Ver­ande­rende Wetenschap (1996), reflecting upon the experiences with ten years Science Shop at Maastricht University. Wachelder’s paper ‘Democratizing Scien­ce’ (2003) evaluated the strengths, weaknesses and challenges of Dutch Science Shops at the beginning of the new millennium. In his historical research the emerging engagement of science with the public in the nineteenth century is a recurring topic (‘Science becoming Popular’, in press), always with a keen interest for collaborative projects (with Tim van der Heijden ‘Embedded, Embodied, Engaged’, in press), and engaging approaches (‘Belated Screenings’, 2018),