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  • Inclusive research, is a man

    Lessons learned: What can you do to make your research more inclusive?

    By Sueli Brodin, MPCER team member

    In every phase and aspect of a research trajectory, there are small and bigger steps that researchers can take to conduct research in a more inclusive way for the benefit of larger parts of society.

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    Wanted: new project leader MPCER!

    Job advertisement for new MPCER project leader

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    Lessons learned: Doing (community-engaged) research in Brussels? Consider UM Campus Brussels as your partner

    By Sueli Brodin, MPCER team member

    UM Campus Brussels offers a variety of facilities and services to researchers interested in carrying out education and research activities and engaging with the broader community in Brussels.

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    Lessons learned: "Crowdfunding@UM: How to create a successful campaign?"

    MPCER workshop 28 January 2021, by Guido Vanderbroeck (fundraiser SWOL/University Fund Limburg) and Esther van Barneveld (PhD student FHML)

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    Lessons learned: “Commercial communication and relation management''

    MPCER workshop 14 January 2021, by Bouwien Janssen (director SWOL/University Fund Limburg)

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