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Past events

  • Online workshop “Commercial communication and relation management''

    An online workshop taught by Bouwien Janssen (director SWOL/University Fund Limburg).

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    Going above and beyond: Public engagement evaluation

    A 3h online workshop by public engagement officer Sophie Morris (UK).

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    Online Workshop: Designing participant-centred research - Understanding benefits and risks of social robots for the elderly

    Is it possible to see the world through the eyes of your research community? An online workshop led by Prof. Dominik Mahr, Prof. Gaby Odekerken-Schröder & Dr Martina Čaić.

    When: Tuesday 10 November, 10.00-12.00    ​
    Location: Zoom (you will receive the invitation link via email)

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    Community-Engaged Research Design: Feedback Session

    During this online event, three participants will get the opportunity to present their research project, and in particular the way in which they want to incorporate community-engagement into their research project, to an expert panel of 3 professors and a UM peer audience. 

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    Open Zoom: problem solving - how to move our community-engaged research online?

    When: Tuesday 30 June, 10.00-11.00
    Location: Zoom conference call (you will receive the invitation link via email)
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